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Bucharest is known as the city of parks and gardens. Apart from the agitated life and crowded streets, the Bucharest parks represent a real oasis that gathers many people coming here for a walk and some fresh air.

The most important Bucharest parks are: Herăstrău, covering 187 hectares, Cişmigiu (13 hectares), Youth's Park (20 hectares) and Carol Park (36 hectares).

The Herăstrău Park is one of the most beautiful Bucharest parks and certainly the biggest one in the capital of Romania.

Carol I Park, also known as the Liberty Park, is one of the Bucharest parks laid out by the authorities in the beginning of the 20th century.

One of the famous and crowed Bucharest parks is Cişmigiu. Located in the center of Bucharest, across the City Hall, Cişmigiu Park was once far greater that it is today.

The Youth's Park, located in the Southeastern part of Bucharest, is famous for its lake and for the Polyvalent Hall where sport contests, concerts and performances take place. Here festivals and music concerts are very popular and frequent.

Although it is not really one of the Bucharest parks, we should also mention the Botanical Garden, the largest one in Romania. The garden has an area of over 17 hectares and more than 10,000 species of plants from all the continents: exotic, decorative, aquatic, decorative plants and herbs.

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