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The Bucharest Zoo was settled in Baneasa in 1955. It is almost 6 ha big and houses over 800 animals (100 species) - mammals, reptiles and birds.

Stars Luna the tigresse, Gina and Vasile the bear family and Marc and Ella the lion couple at the Bucharest Zoo are screened live every day on the zoo’s new website. The new address where animal lovers can watch live every move of many more favourite animals at the zoo is

Zoo fans will be able to see on the internet how the bears Gina and Vasile have breakfast – at 9:30am every day – or watch beautiful tigress Luna, who was born at the zoo.

The project, which is aimed at being both fun and educational, has been launched in collaboration with UPC and Animal Planet.


Opening hours : 9-17 (daily)

Address: 4, Vadul Moldovei St., Bucharest

Phone: +40 21 230 45 10

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